Ampify is an open source, decentralised, social platform. We are working towards an initial release for the end of this year which will provide you with a web application framework to create social apps on top of a secure, decentralised core.

Quick Start

If you've already read the building Ampify guide, run the following to build the current code:

$ git clone
$ cd ampify
$ make
$ . environ/

And, most importantly, come by and introduce yourself on the #esp channel on — we're a friendly bunch!


To contribute any patches, simply fork the repository using GitHub, create a new branch with your patch, add yourself to the AUTHORS file and then run git review submit, e.g.

# Create a new branch for your patch:
$ git checkout -b name-for-your-patch

# Make the various changes you want to make and
# submit it to be to be reviewed by running:
$ git review submit

# Make any changes and submit updates until the
# reviewers give a LGTM (Looks Good To Me) reply
# on

That's it!

We specifically developed git-review so that it'd be this easy. It combines code review, build and automated testing so as to make life easy and pleasant for everyone. Have a look at the review server:

Thanks, tav <>